We know that ordering online can make one hesitate but we have a few policies in place to protect our online home based business.  

Please be ready to receive your order of live Maui Seeds when your package arrives.  Many of these live Maui sourced seeds are wet packed and will arrive in damp paper toweling in sealed plastic baggies.  'Recalcitrant' seeds, like many of the ones that we offer, must be kept moist and cannot be shipped dried.   

Please let us know immediately (within 24 hours) if you feel that there are any issues with your order (weeks or months later is too long).  We would like all Maui Seeds Customers to be 100% happy with any orders from us.  Please contact us if you feel there is anything that we need to correct or be made aware of.

*****All Buyer's agree to let us know in an email if they have any issues with their orders****Letting us know in a review months later leaves nothing to be done.  Buyer accepts that wet packed seeds are a live product and they will inspect their live seeds on arrival.  Once a seed is inspected, kept, buried (altered/used) by the Buyer, our part is complete.  Please do not order our live products if you do not agree or understand this policy.  Seeds, especially wet packed ones, are a live product and we are not able to guarantee what happens to them once you have kept them.

We ship USPS mail only.  Live plants ship USPS mail from Maui to you on Mondays.  Sometimes the mailman is rough with the packages.  We very carefully pack the plants and seeds knowing this ahead of time.  Tracking info./# s are provided for packages but not for smaller letter sized parcels.   ****Due to the slower mail system we are no longer offering International shipping at this time****

-If your package arrives damaged-please provide photos of the CONTENTS as well as outside of your package if you feel a refund is necessary or that if it arrives damaged by USPS.   You will need to file a damaged package claim with USPS if this happens.  USPS does not allow us/the seller to file the damaged package claim on your/the buyer's behalf.

-If your package is shown as delivered to the address that you have provided but you have not received it after a day or two (and asking your neighbors/household/mailman if they saw it) that means you have had your mail stolen and you will have to file a stolen mail report with your local police.  We do not reship orders that are shown as delivered to your provided address and you are unwilling to report that your mail has been stolen.  It is a federal offense to steal mail.

-PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE LIVE WET PACKED TROPICAL SEEDS AND MUST BE KEPT 75-85 degrees at all times. We cannot reship/refund orders that were ordered by you to be shipped somewhere that is cold or freezing.   Please do not order these wet packed tropical seeds if the temperatures is currently under 70 or are over 90 degrees where you live.  

-Please provide the correct ship to address when placing your order.  Orders shipped to an address that you have provided, even by accident (and that turn out to be the incorrect/wrong address) cannot be reshipped.  You must place a new order (with new shipping charges) to have a new order sent.   Many of these wet packed seeds cannot be reshipped and are thrown out if returned to us.  These are live products and a new order/seeds must be cleaned, packaged and sent.

-Refunds are offered, but PLEASE, be prepared to actually ship back (and pay for the return shipping) of YOUR COMPLETE ORDER (the extras/samples included) if you simply do not like it.  We will not 'reship' you extra items or substitute other products for what you would like to return once you receive your order.   We will not 'reship' an order that you have received safely and you do not want to return.  If you would like to return an order once it is received please let us know within 24 hours that you are returning it and once we have received the entire order back you will receive a complete refund.  (with you paying the return shipping to us, we do not provide a return label for you).   Thank you in advance for understanding this firm policy.  

-Please be advised that you are ordering live tropical seeds-SOME DEGREE OF GARDENING SKILL IS REQUIRED.  PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ARE A NOVICE GARDENER OR DO NOT AGREE WITH OUR POLICIES.  Some seeds will arrive already germinating and others take longer-each seed is different. Have an idea of what the germination time for each seed IS, not what you would like it to BE. We do not guarantee that your seeds WILL grow once in your care, we do not guarantee WHEN your seeds will sprout for you, if at all.  Please note, most seeds do not all germinate in unison.  100 % germination does happen but not with all seeds.  WE ONLY GUARANTEE THAT THESE ARE FRESH MAUI SOURCED SEEDS.  ONCE YOU HAVE KEPT THEM 24 HOURS, THEY ARE YOURS AND NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE.

Many times someone will write and say that 'only 4 out of 10 seeds grew' for them when in reality it is the first of the seedlings to sprout and they are being impatient.  (Tropical seeds should be kept between 75-85 degrees at all times and never allowed to dry out completely).  We guarantee that these are freshly collected, many grown by us, all Maui sourced seeds.  No guarantee of their outcome once in your hands is offered or insured.  Once you have received your order is safely received, inspected, + kept by you, our part is complete/done and this is your personal gardening project, not 'ours' together.  The growing 'tips' and gardening advice that we have for you is written with the listing descriptions.   Please plan on researching any plant that you plan on growing in your garden.

We do not and can not guarantee your ability/skill to keep these fresh seeds alive once they are safely received by you.  

There are too many variables involved for us to promise you more than that you will receive fresh Maui sourced seeds. 

Please enjoy your own personal gardening project. 

Please contact us within the first 24 hours of arrival if you have any issues with your order.  Please take a photo of the issue within 24 hrs. of arrival, not weeks/months later.  Please be specific in an email with what it is you would like to let us know about.

Partial refunds + partial reshipments are not offered.  Please return your entire order (surprise samples included) if you would like us to process a return/refund for you.  Return shipping of item(s) is paid by the Buyer you).

Factors like the temperatures where you are (which can fluctuate from night to day), water, light levels, your gardening skill (or lack of it), all play a part in the success of YOUR seeds growing into healthy plants for you.  This is YOUR personal gardening project, not 'ours' together.  We try to offer easy to grow Maui sourced seeds that everyone can enjoy cultivating in their home garden.  Please plan on researching (google) how to grow each plant in your particular area.   

PLEASE NOTE, WRITTEN GROWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT OFFERED WITH (OR AFTER) YOU RECEIVE YOUR SEED ORDER.  EVERY GARDENER HAS THEIR OWN METHODS FOR GROWING PLANTS AND THEIR UNIQUE GROWING SITUATION.  PLEASE PLAN ON RESEARCHING (GOOGLING) HOW TO CULTIVATE EACH PLANT THAT YOU PLAN ON GROWING.  We are unable to write a personal emails to every person that writes and asks us 'How do I grow everything?'.  Again, please read the listings for any 'growing tips' we offer or even google each plant and enjoy researching what it likes.

EXTENSIVE COMMUNICATIONS WITH YOU AFTER YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN RECEIVED SAFELY IS NOT OFFERED.  We DO NOT PROVIDE WRITTEN GROWING INSTRUCTIONS WITH OR AFTER YOUR SEEDS ARE RECEIVED SAFELY.  PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS OFFERED WITH EACH LISTING FOR ANY 'GROWING TIPS'.  Please enjoy researching each plant that you intend on growing in your specific area.  We are unable to send you personal written growing instructions/extended communications about each seed.  Usually a plant will thrive if you recreate what its natural environment is.  We grow everything outdoors in Hawaii's year round growing season here in lush Haiku, Maui.  

We will not be able to offer you growing advise beyond don't let your seeds dry out or get cold.  They are Tropical.  Please google 'recalcitrant seeds' if you are not familiar with that term.  Most of our seeds must be kept 75-85 degrees.  Some can tolerate slightly cooler or warmer temperatures.  You will have to familiarize yourself with what each plant in your garden prefers.

Please find us on social media for more growing tips and photos of our Maui Garden and Tamara's latest Soap creations.  We are 'MauiSeeds' on Instagram + Pinterest and 'MauiSeeds.com' on Facebook.  

Thank you for understanding all of the policies that you are agreeing to before you place any orders with us.   

Please contact Tamara/MauiSeeds.com Owner + Soap Maker, at tamarabockius@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Aloha from Maui~ 

Tamara + Sam Bockius