• Ylang Ylang Vine (Artabotrys hexapetalus) Seed


    This listing is for Ylang-Ylang VINE (Artabotrys hexapetalus) SEEDS grown in our Haiku, Maui Garden.  Add this fast growing exotic plant to your collection.  Ylang Ylang flowers are famous for their exotic scent.  These seeds are freshly collected from our vine and dried.   Whie in stock, I offer these seeds IN PACKS OF THREE(3) OR FIVE(5) SEEDS.  Please choose at checkout.  

    The vine shown in the listing photos was grown from a seed.  One day I was walking by the vine, in our Haiku, Maui garden, and an amazing unique floral scent captured my attention.  I stopped and and had to look for what was emitting that delicate perfume.  After some searching I found the green and slightly yellow Ylang -Ylang blossom hidden inside the vine. The flowers release their intense intoxicating fragrance at dusk + sunset, otherwise there is no scent during the day.  

    Many people say that Ylang-Ylang flowers have the same scent as 'Juicy Fruit' brand gum, sort of a 'tutti-frutti' scent.  It does smell similar to that brand of gum, only much better, like a sweet deeply complex perfume.  

    I found this plant very easy to grow from seeds.  You can germinate your seed with the damp paper towel in a plastic baggie method and then carefully plant in a container of good potting soil.  Be careful not to touch/disturb the root part of your seed once it germinates.  Keep evenly watered and warm at all times.  Please read up on how to grow this plant in your particular area.

    Please contact me to reserve more of this or any other seed that I offer.  

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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