• Yellow Lilikoi (Passionfruit)


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    This listing is for our Yellow Passionfruit (Lilikoi) SEEDS.  We ship our freshly collected Haiku, MAUI Hawaii grown seeds within one business day of your order. Offered in packs of TEN (10) SEEDS.   We also offer this seed either wet or dry packed-please choose at checkout. (Larger sized seed packs are offered when in stock).
    Please observe your wet packed seeds germinate in the baggie that they arrive in.  Dried seeds will take longer to germinate once you decide to plant them.
    These fruit vines happily grow all over Maui, often in the wild.  Lilikoi vines LOVE to climb up anything nearby, a tree or fencing. You can see several vines shading one side of our house in one of the listing photos. Try growing this fast growing and easy to cultivate fruit vine.
    Keep some on hand in your freezer to add to your recipes. Great lemon or orange juice substitute.  Lilikoi seeds are edible and add a pleasant 'crunch' on top of desserts or left in with fresh pulp. I like to eat them all by themselves with a spoon, seeds and all.
    Lilikoi is very easy to grow. Your seeds are freshly collected from the fruit once you place your order. Please give Lilikoi seeds a good MONTH or even TWO+ months to germinate, they will not all germinate at the same time or grow as fast as you would like them to.  Please note that fresh seeds are guaranteed but their care/growth is up to you once you receive them intact.   I do offer 'growing tips' here with the listing but do not offer growing instructions with or after you receive your seeds.  Thank you for understanding our website policies/terms before placing any orders for these live seeds/products.  
    Lilikoi vines like to grow up anything near by them (trellis/fence/tree/house) so please provide support/something nearby for your vines to grow up.   We like to start these seeds in containers of good potting soil and then transplant the faster growing seedlings to individual containers.  We also like to grow a good root system on our seedling before planting directly in the garden soil.  Lilikoi is tropical and must be kept 75-85 degrees at all times.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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