• Wood Soap Tray


    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.

    This listing is for ONE (1) hand painted or unpainted Cedar Wood SOAP TRAY.  These simple wood trays are perfect to pair with a bar of our handmade on Maui soap. 

    Please note, the tops of the painted wood trays are painted and the bottoms are left unfinished.  

    (The maker of these recycled Spanish Cedar soap dishes suggests alternating two trays, allowing one to dry completely every couple of weeks)

    Each slotted tray is made of recycled Spanish cedar wood and measures 3"x 4". 

    Please choose from a painted Pale Pink or Baby Blue Wood Soap.  A natural/unpainted cedar wood tray is also offered as a third option.

    Pair one of these useful cedar wood soap dishes with a Maui Seeds Soap for the perfect gift for anyone that you may know.

    Keep one of these draining soap dishes at every sink in your house.  

    Our mini Wood Crates also work well as a way to Gift the Soap + double as a Soap Tray + way to display your handmade soap sink side.