• White Sweet Alyssum Seeds


    White Sweet Alyssum makes a lovely ground cover in our garden.  This easy to grow annual also looks spectacular spilling out of containers or used as a 'filler' between other plants.  Plant a bed of white Alyssum near your entry and enjoy its sweet honey like fragrance every time that you walk by.  This fast growing annual usually only takes about 6 weeks from sowing to see the first tiny flower blossom.  Will reseed itself in the same spot.  I help mine along by taking the dried flowers/seeds and sprinkle them around to other flower beds in the garden.  A really lovely old fashion annual that even a first time gardener will have huge success growing.

    EACH PACKET contains 50+ dried SEEDS + some chaff.  Alyssum seeds are very tiny, please be careful opening your seed packet.  They will arrive in a see through and labeled plastic baggie.  Go ahead and sprinkle these seeds directly where you want them to grow.

    Try growing Alyssum along a walking path, in a container or with several other white blossoming plants to create your very own 'Moon Garden'.  A Moon Garden is full of white blossoming plants so that you can see the flowers at night by the moonlight-how romantic is that?  

    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...