• Watermelon Radish Seeds


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    This listing is for Watermelon Radish SEEDS grown in our Maui garden.  Try your hand at this super easy, basically fool proof to grow vegetable seed.  Fall in love with the fun colors of this radish.  Offered in packs of TEN+ (10) SEEDS.
    Radishes are about the easiest and fastest vegetable there is to grow, even for a complete gardening novice.  Prepare an area of good soil in your home/kitchen  garden area and plant a row of radish seeds.  Keep watered evenly.  Your radish seedlings will emerge very quickly.  
    Enjoy growing radishes to add color to your meals.  The main listing photo is taken in our kitchen and is all food collected from our garden.  I included a photo of the delicate tiny pink blossoms that the Watermelon Radish creates before making a small 'pea' looking pod.  Let you Radishes go to seed and you can collect your own Radish seeds for the next growing season.
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