Vick's Plant (Plectranthus tomentosa) live plant 12"

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This listing is for ONE live Vick's Plant (Plectranthus tomentosa) shipped bare root (no soil), grown with organic gardening methods in our Haiku Maui Garden. Each plant is approx. 12" in length. Vick's Plant (Plectranthus tomentosa) leaves are highly fragrant and will emit a menthol scent when crushed, similar to the smell of 'Vicks' vapor rub ointment. 
This plant, like most offered at Maui Seeds, is extremely easy to grow. Your Vick's Plant will look lovely trailing out of a container or simply sprawling as a low ground cover plant in your Garden. 
Vick's plant will grow very quickly and get 'leggy'.  This plant easily lends itself to cuttings and you will quickly have many Vick's plants growing here, there and everywhere, just like we do...
Your live plant will arrive packed in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie, labeled and tied with a bow. 
All orders placed by Saturday evenings will ship the next Monday. Live plants are taken for Hawaii state agricultural inspection before being shipped first thing Monday, Priority USPS 3 day mail.
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