• Vetiver Grass/Live Plant


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    This listing is for ONE (1) live VETIVER GRASS Plant/Clump.  Each live grass clump is similar in size to the plants in the last photo of this listing.  Each clump is about 6"-12" high.  We ship all plants bare root/with no soil.  
     Vetiver Grass is widely used for it's excellent soil erosion control qualities.  The very long roots of Vetiver grass hold and help stabilize soil that may be washed away.  Please be careful where you plant your Vetiver in the ground.  It is very hard to remove once planted.  It will grow roots out of a container if left alone, please be aware of that as well.  You can grow your Vetiver in containers if you would like to control it/not let it get out of hand in the garden.  
    Try creating you own Vetiver 'Smudge Stick'  from dried Vetiver Roots.  
    For the true Vetiver Lover, please find the link to the listing for our Maui Vetiver Soap here:
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
    All live plants are taken for Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection before shipment.
    Listing price includes Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection.