• Tropical Fruit Seed Collection


    Add these three easy to grow exotic fruit trees to your Garden.  This listing is for THREE types of Maui grown Tropical Fruit.  
    The Three types of SEEDS offered in this Collection are:

    -5 (FIVE)  Atemoya SEEDS.  (Atemoya, also known as Custard Apple, it is a hybrid between a Cherimoya and a Sugar Apple)

    -5 (FIVE)Sugar Apple (Annona squamosa)SEEDS.

    -5 FIVE) Cherimoya (Annona cherimola) SEEDS 

    There are 15 SEEDS total in this Seed Collection (3x5 of the types listed above).

    Your fresh Maui grown seeds are carefully wet packed and shipped to you inside damp paper toweling in individually labelled sealed plastic baggies.   You may choose to observe your seeds germinate indoors in the baggies that they arrive in or go ahead and plant them in containers of good potting soil (Miracle gro brand for example).  Always keep evenly watered and warm (always between 75-85 degrees).
    Please plan on researching how to grow these small tropical fruit trees in your particular grow zone/area.  
    Please note that written growing instructions are not provided with or after you receive your fresh Maui seeds safely.  We guarantee that these are freshly collected from the fruit Maui seeds.  We make no guarantees of what happens to these seeds once you have safely received, inspected + kept your seeds.
    Have the fun of growing (and researching) these tasty Tropical fruit trees in your Garden.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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