• Tahitian Vanilla Soap


    Transport yourself to the Islands with a bar of Tahitian Vanilla Soap... Each 4 oz. hand cut bar is decorated with a piece of real Hawaii grown Tahitian Vanilla bean. I imprint each bar with 'ALOHA' and 'Maui Seeds' custom soap stamps created from my own handwriting, further making each bar a unique made on Maui soap.  The Vanilla beans used for decoration on each bar of soap were a gift.  They were grown by my the Mother of a Tahitian friend and pearl dealer, Hinano, here in Hawaii.  I am thrilled to add these special Vanilla beans to these one of a kind hand made on Maui soaps.  A real Vanilla orchid cutting from our Maui garden is shown in one of the listing photos

    A few lighter colored Coconut Milk assorted soap embeds are added to this batch to bring a fun hit of color. These bars are cured now and darker than shown in the listing photos.  After about a week the high Vanilla content in this soap gives the bars a deep rich caramel color. The exotic Tahitian Vanilla fragrance oil blend adds an alluring gender neutral scent to an already very visually appealing bar of soap.

    Every bar is created, hand cut, packaged and labeled  by one pair of hands.  Let your skin feel the difference that all natural ingredients will make. All of the soaps offered produce a rich soapy lather.

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Hawaiian Distilled Water, Food Grade Lye (no longer present after the Saponification process), Vanilla & Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, Assorted Natural Soap Embeds, Tahitian Vanilla Bean for decoration.

    Handmade cold process soaps will last much longer than store bought soaps the same size-especially if you allow your bar of soap to drain and dry fully between uses. Using a draining soap dish is suggested for this purpose.  Another suggestion is to cut a piece of your bar off to use and keep the bulk of your bar dry.

    *Surprise samples added to every order.
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