• Tahitian Gardenia-Live 12" Plant


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    This listing is for one  approx. 12" high Tahitian Gardenia plant organically grown in Haiku, Maui. Gardenia is the national flower of French Polynesia and known for its amazing fragrance. This variety of Tahitian Gardenia is fast growing and has massive flower blossoms, as large as your hand, not the normal, smaller 'Tiare' flowers ones that you see in Tahiti.   This variety of Gardenia will take up a large area in your Garden once mature.
    I would have to say that Gardenias in general are my favorite tropical flower. The scent of one intoxicating blossom alone can perfume a whole room. 
    All live plant orders placed by Saturday evenings are shipped Priority USPS 3 day mail on Mondays after Hawaii state Agricultural inspection on Sundays.   
    Your healthy bare root, no soil, Tahitian Gardenia plant will ship packed in damp peat moss in a plastic baggie. Please be ready to water and plant your Gardenia as soon as it arrives in good potting soil in your chosen container.  
    Get ready to be amazed at the size of the blossoms even a small Tahitian Gardenia plant can produce (please see listing photos for size scale of blossom) The flowers can be as big across as your hand! Gardenias LOVE to have their leaves splashed with water and appreciate a daily misting if you live in indoors in a dry/heated environment or outdoors in a tropical one like we have in Maui. 
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...