• Surinam Cherry (Eugenia Uniflora) Seeds


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    This listing is for 10 (TEN) fresh Surinam Cherry SEEDS organically grown in our Haiku, Maui garden. Surinam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora) is also known by the common names, Pitanga or Brazilian cherry.  While our tree is in season we are offering this seed in packs of 10(TEN) SEEDS.
    I personally collect, wet pack in damp paper toweling, package and ship every seed order. Please contact me, Tamara/MauiSeeds.com owner, if you are interested in larger amounts/bulk pricing of this or any other seed offered. 
    Surinam Cherry is a rugged little plant that is very easy to grow. This plant is considered a shrub but we prune ours to be a small tree. I am amazed how many cherries this little tree produces! Surinam cherry can also be grown in a container, as a houseplant, or as a Bonsai specimen. 
    Our Maui Surinam cherry (Eugenia uniflora) produces fruit several times a year. The pumpkin shaped cherries are very high in vitamin C and turn a delightful red color when ripe. The taste is very tart and they are juicy, especially if there has been a lot of rainfall. We like to pick the cherries and eat them fresh, they are also excellent used in pies and jellies also.
    The seeds are taken from fresh picked fruit and sent to you immediately. Please plan on planting your seeds soon after their arrival for the best germination.  BE ADVISED, SURINAM IS A TROPICAL TREE AND WILL NOT TOLERATE TEMPERATURES BELOW 50 degrees.  Other than that, Surinam is very easy to grow from a seed, there are tons of volunteer plants sprouted underneath our 25 year old tree shown in the listing photos.
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