• Strawberry Papaya Seeds


    This listing is for freshly collected Strawberry Papaya SEEDS. I personally grow, clean and wet pack and ship these fresh Maui grown Papaya seeds. Your Papaya seeds will arrive packaged in damp paper toweling inside a plastic baggie. Enjoy the fun of growing this easy to grow tropical fruit tree in your garden.  Please choose your size seed packet at checkout, offered in packs of 5, 10, 25 or 100 Seeds.
    These seeds are from GMO FREE Strawberry Papayas. The papayas that these seeds come from are delicious taste and beautiful color. We have used organic gardening methods only on our 2 acre family farm since we built about 25 years ago.
    Try eating chilled Papaya with fresh squeezed Lime. This is a popular Maui flavor combination that I learned to love when I moved to Hawaii years ago. (One of the listing photos is of our Strawberry Papaya with our Tahitian Limes)
    Please read up on how to grow Papaya trees in your area. Papaya is a great tree for Home Gardeners looking to grow their own fruit.
    I have had luck starting my Papaya seeds in a communal container of good potting soil. Keep your seedlings evenly watered and warm at all times. Once your baby Papaya trees are large enough you can carefully transplant them into individual containers. I like to get a plant to grow a healthy root system before planting the in the ground/garden. 
    Again, please read up on growing this plant in your area. 
    *surprise samples added to every order
    Grow a little of bit of Maui in your Garden today.