• Stephanotis


    This listing is for  FIVE (5) freshly collected Stephanotis/Madagascar Jasmine SEEDS.  The vine that these giant pods grew from was also grown from a seed (shown in listing photos).  Have the fun of growing your own Stephanotis vine from a seed.

     Stephanotis vines produce a large seed pod, similar looking to a mango. Look closely at the photos and you can see that the inside of the pod has many seeds tightly packed together.  We show several photos of the inside of one of our Stephanotis seed pods so that everyone could see how pretty they look.  The seeds are white at first and will turn black as they dry.  You will receive freshly collected and air dried seeds from our Haiku, Maui Garden. 

    The lovely Stephanotis is also called the 'Hawaiian Wedding' flower.  Brides in Hawaii enjoy using the extremely fragrant flowers in their wedding bouquets and lei.  The creamy white blossoms of the Stephanotis vine have a dreamy scent similar to Gardenia.

    Try your hand at this very easy to grow  vine as a houseplant or outdoors if you live in a warmer climate.  Simply plant your seeds in a container of good potting soil and keep evenly watered and warm (70-85 degrees).  Stephanotis is a vine, so plan on providing some sort of support of trellis.  Can be grown in containers or in the garden.  Our Stephanotis vine is happy rambling over a South facing fence

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com.

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