• Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides)


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    Add this very easy to grow Air Plant/Tillandsia to your garden or Houseplant Collection.  This listing is for live HINA HINA moss, also called 'Pele's Hair'/Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides).  We grow this air plant all over our Haiku, Maui garden. This Moss is also very popular grown indoors as a houseplant.  Tillandsia usneoides is great as a 'filler' or 'spiller' at the base of your orchids plants or draped in trees keeping the orchid roots moist.   
    Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection is included with listing price.
    A small piece of this moss draped from a wire hanger will happily grow indoors with an occasional misting.  
    We offer this live moss in several sizes.  
    MINI-ONE (1) 3"x 4" Baggie of MOSS
    3 FOOT LONG Moss Strand of Moss
    MEDIUM-ONE (1) QUART Size Baggie OF MOSS
    Please choose your size at checkout (MINI/SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE)
    A 3 FOOT long living Moss chunk is also offered, shown in last two listing photos.   This 3' long piece is easily displayed with your other Tillandsia plants.  
    Hina Hina is sometimes used for Lei making in Hawaii, the twisted strands produce a delicate looking 'living' lei.
     Hina Hina drapes from most of the branches in our garden (please see listing photos) I also like to dot a little silvery gray tuft of this moss at the base of potted plants, let it 'spill' out. You can easily grow more moss by tearing a little piece off of your existing clump. Share your surplus bits of moss with gardening friends...simply keep this air plant misted with water-watch it go instantly from Gray (Hina'hina in Hawaiian) to green when you water it.
    All packages with live plants +/or seeds will arrive with a Hawaii state Agricultural stamp on them.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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