• Heat Pack (add to your seed order if it is cold where you live)

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    This listing is for HEAT PACKS.  Please add one or several heat packs to your order IF IT IS FREEZING WHERE YOU LIVE.  

    Maui is tropical, the plants that I offer are all tropical, if it is NOT tropical where you live, or if the temperatures are below freezing, please add a heat pack to your order.  

    A small package of Cacao for instance would be okay with ONE pack.  A larger package or plant would need several, depending on the size and amount of plants.

    If you are unsure how many heat packs that your order may need, please ask me.  

    I wet pack a lot of these seeds so that they arrive viable to you.  We do not want ICE CUBES to arrive.

    (These heat packs are somewhat heavy and add weight to an otherwise light package)

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