• Rollinia deliciosa (Biriba) Seed


    This listing is for fresh Maui grown Rollinia deliciosa (Biriba) SEED.   This listing is for ONE (1) SEED.
    This rare tropical fruit is ripe and ready for you to eat once the outside skin starts to blacken. The pale custard looking pulp inside tastes wonderful, similar to the filling in a lemon meringue pie.
    I ship your seed in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie. Your freshly collected seed will arrive viable and can be germinated in the plastic baggie that it arrives in. Once your seed sprouts I would suggest carefully planting your seed in a container of good potting soil and keeping it evenly watered and warm (no freezing temperatures please). 
    Rollinia is rarely seen at market because of its short shelf life. Try growing this unique and somewhat rare tropical fruit for yourself-it is suitable for growing in containers. 
    Grow a little bit of Hawaii in your Garden today...