• Maui Rainbow Eucalyptus Soap


    This listing is for ONE (1) bar of Maui Rainbow Eucalyptus soap.  Please choose at checkout from the 3 types of shapes offered.  All 3 types are hand cut, stamped and weigh about 4 oz. each.  Please choose from a regular BAR, square CHUNK, or cake SLICE.

     I was inspired by the pastel multi colored bark of the Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees that grow here in Maui, Hawaii.   There is a world famous Rainbow Eucalyptus forest along the Hana Highway, located just a few miles from our home here in Haiku.  

    Enjoy the luxurious ingredients in this Eucalyptus essential oil only vegan cold process soap recipe.  Natural soap leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean yet soft and pampered.  I personally find Eucalyptus oil very uplifting for the senses and will reach for a bar of this type any time that I don't feel well or need a pick me up.  The large amount of raw Shea Butter added to each small batch helps create a rich, creamy soap lather.   

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Hawaiian Distilled Water, Food Grade Lye, Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Assorted Micas are the ingredients used in this recipe. 

          Real Rainbow Eucalyptus tree bark from our garden is added for decoration on the regular sized bars (it looks like a cinnamon stick to me).   I imprint each with 'ALOHA' and 'Maui Seeds'.  These soap stamps are custom made from my own handwriting further making each bar a unique made on Maui gift.

    Your handmade bar of soap will last for a surprisingly long time if allowed to dry/drain between uses.   Please never leave your bar of soap in a puddle of water, they are pure oil and will melt instead of get harder with time. 

    *Surprise samples added to every order.

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