• Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) Seeds


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    This listing is for one packet of Rainbow eucalyptus SEEDS.  Each packet contains 100+ seeds.  
    The Rainbow Eucalyptus is prized for it's beautiful multi colored bark. Once the trees reach maturity they will produce their 'Rainbow' bark effect.  It is the  peeling of their trunk bark that creates the subtle 'pastel rainbow' colors that this tree is famous for. The bark colors range from lavender, green, pink and mauve pastel hues, truly a stunning tree addition to any garden.
    Rainbow Eucalyptus is also suitable for growing as a Bonsai specimen.

    In the photos you can see some of the Baby trees that I have growing, they are about 3 months old.  The seeds germinate in about 2 weeks and at first look like small green flecks of algae.  Some seedlings will grow faster than others.  I started with all of them in an open FLAT of good (seed starting, small/fine not coarse) potting soil.  USE A MISTER SPRAY BOTTLE TO CAREFULLY WATER YOUR SEEDS.  KEEP WARM + MOIST AT ALL TIMES.  I  transplanted the biggest, faster growing  seedlings once they were about 3" tall into individual pots.   Use a spoon, be careful not to damage the tiny roots.  Again, they will not all grow at the same rate and this is normal.
    You can see the size of one of the many trees that I successfully grown from our freshly collected Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.  It is hard to believe that a seed the size of a dust particle will eventually grow to 200'.  We routinely chop our Rainbow Euc tree in half so that it does not take over the Garden.   Try growing this tree as a Bonsai specimen unless you have a very large area away from buildings to plant this beautiful majestic tree.

    *One packet of seeds is approx. an 1/16th of a level teaspoon, well over 100+ seeds-they are super tiny. There is a small amount of chaff included with these ultra fine seeds.  Again, I advise you to PLEASE invest in a simpler watering bottle with a 'mist' spray mode to successfully water these seeds without blasting them out of the soil.  Sprinkle your tiny seeds onto the top of the flat of fine 'seed' formula potting mix.  Spray the seeds to get them to sink into soil-they do NOT need to be covered with additional soil.  
    A good rule of thumb for seeds is to 'PLANT THEM THE DEPTH THAT THEY ARE THE SIZE OF'.  A walnut sized seed would need to be planted a few inches deep while a super fine/tiny seed like the Rainbow Euc prefers to be 'scattered' on top of soil and lightly misted.  Plants usually appreciate when you try to recreate their natural environment.  Rainbow eucalyptus enjoys growing along the banks of rivers in South America, so think 'Brazil' when caring for this plant.  No cold temperatures for this tropical tree please.  
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