• Purple Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Live Plant


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    This listing is for ONE (1) live Purple Lilikoi starter plant grown in our Haiku, Maui Garden.  Your live Purple Lilikoi plant is a vine and will be about 12" in length shipped bare root/no soil.  Plant in a container of good potting soil on arrival.  Please help your Lilikoi seedling recover from the shock of shipping by keeping it in the shaded area for at least two weeks.  Please keep between 75-85 degrees at all times and never allow to dry out.    Gradually introduce your Lilikoi seedling to dappled sun and eventually full sun (unless you have desert like temperatures).
    With all tropical plants, please read up o how to grow them if you are not in a tropical area.  Too cold or too hot will kill these otherwise very easy to grow vines.
     Lilikoi love to climb up anything near by, a tree, shrubs or fencing. Please give your Lilikoi vines something to grow/climb on.
    Lilikoi is a large rambling vine that would like to be planted directly in the ground.  
    (All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com)
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