• Purple Lilikoi (Passionfruit)


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    This listing is for fresh Maui grown Purple Lilikoi SEEDS.  Offered in packs of TEN (10) Seeds.  Please choose from wet packed or dried seeds at checkout.
    (Larger sized seed packets are offered when available).
    Purple Lilikoi tastes the same as Yellow Lilikoi, the only difference is the outside color of the skin.   (The other types of Lilikoi that we offer are shown for comparison in the listing photos).  
     Lilikoi love to climb up anything near by, a tree, shrubs or fencing. Please give your Lilikoi vines something to grow/climb on.
    *PLEASE be patient when germinating your Lilikoi. It will take a good month or TWO+ before you see any signs of germination.  Wet packed seeds will germinate much faster than the dried seeds. 
    Being a vine, this plant will grow at different rates and then take off.  We like to start several seeds in one communal container.   Transplant the faster growing /larger seedlings into their own containers.  Grow a good root system growing before planting in the garden soil.  
    Lilikoi is a tropical fruit vine, it grows slowly at first and then will take off.  Please plan on reading up on (googling) how to grow this tropical fruit vine in your particular area.
    (All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com)
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