• Purple Lilikoi Seeds


    This listing is for Purple Lilikoi SEEDS organically grown in our Maui Garden.  Offered in packs of TEN (10) Seeds.  
     Purple Lilikoi tastes the same as Yellow Lilikoi, it just has a deep purple colored skin. 
    Lilikoi love to climb up anything near by, a tree, shrubs or fencing. Please give your Lilikoi vines something to grow/climb on.
    *PLEASE NOTE, I pack these seeds in damp paper toweling in plastic baggies so that they never dry out. Be patient germinating your Lilikoi. I like to start a lot of seeds in one communal container. Once your seeds are seedlings you can transplant the larger ones to their own containers or plant directly in the ground. Lilikoi is a vine, it grows slowly at first and then will take off.
    (All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com)
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