• Purple Brazilian Clay Soap


    Try a bar of Brazilian Purple Clay Soap. I personally create each small batch of cold process soap in my Haiku, Maui, Hawaii soap studio.
    I hand cut each 4 oz. bar. A lovely pale purple hue is naturally created from the addition of skin healing Purple Brazilian Clay.  Lavender Essential oil gives this bar the perfect scent to go with its exquisite color.

    Each full bar is imprinted with a large 'ALOHA' stamp that I had made from my own hand writing, further making each bar unique.  Please allow for for variation from bar to bar, as well with all things hand made.  Soap with the exact same ingredients can look very different from batch to batch.  (The bars that I have in stock now are solid colored purple with no white as shown in some of the photos)  
    I wrap each bar in eco friendly paper.

    The ingredients in this gender neutral, VEGAN, all around perfect for everybody soap are:

    Hawaiian Distilled Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Food Grade Lye, Lavender Essential Oil & Purple Brazilian Clay.

    Treat yourself, or perhaps the whole Family, to an assortment of skin loving, hand made on Maui soaps. Soap, it is the perfect small yet thoughtful and useful gift to keep on hand for any occasion.  This recipe is my oldest daughters favorite soap and I send her several bars at once so she can stay stocked up.
    *Surprise samples added to every order.
    Send a little bit of Maui today...