Puakenikeni (Fagraea berteriana) Live Tree


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 This listing is for ONE (1) Puakenikeni live TREE.   You will receive one live Puakenikeni rooted cutting, about 12" high.  

Puakenikeni (Fagraea berteriana)  is a small, flowering ornamental tree found here in Hawaii.   It is known for its delicately scented blossoms and is also called 'Perfume Flower Tree'.  Try growing this small yet highly fragrant tree in your garden.  The creamy, pale yellow flowers of Puakenikeni rival the scent of Plumeria and Gardenia.  

I do offer our fresh Puakenikeni seeds if you were patient and wanted to take the several years it takes to bloom when grown from seeds.  The wood of this slow growing tree is also useful for carving small objects (knife handles).  

Your live plant will ship on a Monday Priority 3 day USPS mail.  All live plants are stamped with a Hawaii State Agricultural stamp before they are shipped.

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