Red Zinnia Seeds

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 Zinnia flowers add quick color to your garden beds.  Zinnia is easy to grow in containers or in the garden.  Add this heat loving annual flower to your favorites list.  This listing is for 10 (TEN) RED Zinnia SEEDS.  

Even a novice gardener will have luck growing this flowering plant.  Plant your Zinnia seeds in a container of good potting soil and keep evenly watered.  You can grow your seeds in a container or plant in garden soil. I like to get good sized seedlings/small plants growing in containers before I transplant into the garden beds.  

I grow this flower along with Marigolds and herbs in my vegetable garden and in the front walk flower border.  The tall stems bear bold red colored flowers.  Keep your plants dead headed (cut the spent flower blooms) to encourage more flowers.  Zinnias are heat loving.  Water from below (avoid watering the leaves) if you can, they do not like the moisture on their foliage like some other plants do (like Gardenia for instance).

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