• Pink Ginger (Alpinia purpata)


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    PLEASE ONLY ORDER THIS TROPICAL PLANT SENT TO A WARM CLIMATE/NON FREEZING ZONE.  Grow your own lush tropical flowers.  This listing is for TWO (2) healthy live PINK GINGER (Alpinia purpata) ROOTS about 6" each grown in our Haiku, Maui Garden.  Larger amounts of this live plant are also offered.

    Each Pink Ginger starter plant will arrive with a Hawaii state Agricultural stamp.  *****All live plants/roots ship bare root/with no soil.   Your Pink Ginger root can be planted in a container of good potting soil and kept indoors 75-85 degrees.  Ginger can also be grown in the garden in a warm shady location.   Give your Pink ginger plants full shade and plenty of room to spread out.

    Notice the baby plants growing from a mature flower stem of this very easy to grow tropical plant.  Pink Ginger flowers lend themselves as cut flowers and make a long lasting bouquet.

    Please read up on how to grow this tropical plant in your particular growing  area.  Please also plan on keeping this plant between 65-85 degrees at all times.  Can be grown indoors as a houseplant or placed outdoors in warmer weather.  Tropical Gingers like these are happiest in the shady areas of the garden.  

    Pink Ginger plant will bloom year round once it is established (but it will not be in bloom on its arrival).  Please have a container of good potting soil ready for your Ginger plant ready on arrival.  Keep evenly watered with partial sun/shade (Gingers like it shady, not in full sun).  Keep indoors if it is cool where you live.  This is a tropical plant. Have fun growing and researching how to grow your own tropical pink ginger flowers. 
    This easy to grow tropical plant produces beautiful pink flowers, perfect in the garden border or as cut flowers. 

    Listing price includes Hawaii State Agricultural Inspection + Surprise Samples.
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...