• Pikake (Jasmine sambac) Plants

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    This listing is for THREE (3) healthy, organically grown PIKAKE (Jasmine sambac) plant/rooted CUTTINGS,  each approx.6-12" long. 
    Outside of Hawaii, Pikake is known as Arabian or Indian JASMINE. I offer this very easy to grow plant rooted cuttings in packs of three so that you can share with gardening friends or to give as thoughtful gifts. All three cuttings are packed together and ship to one address.

    The Mother plant (shown in photos) has been happily growing by our front entry for almost 25 years, it seems quite content there and produces tons of tiny little white Pikake blossoms. Yes, that is ONE bush. The entire plant seems to enjoy being trimmed back heavily and produces even more flowers. You can see the size of our mature plant in the listing photos. Again, that specimen is about 25 years old.  Your Pikake plant will do fine in a container to start with.  You will be able to take plenty of cuttings to make more plants from this leggy, wonderfully scented, Maui favorite.
    All live plants ordered by Saturdays are shipped out on the following Mondays. Hawaii state Agricultural inspection happens on Sundays. Your package will ship Priority USPS 3 day mail. Each Pikake plant will arrive packed in damp paper toweling/no soil/bare root with a label and bow.  Please be ready to receive your package and to plant your Pikake in a container of good potting soil on arrival.
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...