• Persian Sweet Lemon (citrus limetta).


    This listing is for FIVE (5) Persian Sweet Lemon SEEDS (citrus limetta).

    This lemon is non acidic and actually very sweet tasting, similar to Yuzu in our opinion.

    These fresh from the Maui grown fruit seeds will arrive wet packed.  Please observe your fresh seeds germinate indoors in the baggie that they will arrive in.
    Add this exotic tasting lemon to your plant collection 

    All of our seeds are Maui sourced so when you place an order you are not only supporting our small Family Farm but many others as well.
    Your live Persian Sweet Lemon SEEDS are wet packed in damp paper toweling in a sealed plastic baggie so that they arrive viable.  Please be ready to receive and plant your seeds in a container of good potting soil.  Keep warm (75-85 degrees) at all times and water evenly (never let dry all the way out, especially developing seedlings).   Bright light, not direct sunlight is best for baby seedlings to develop.

    ******Please understand, we do not guarantee your ability to grow these or any other seeds.  Once the Buyer (YOU) receive your seeds safely, inspect, keep, + bury them, our part is done.  Please understand this firm policy before placing any orders for our live products.*******  We are providing you with freshly collected wet packed seeds.  These seeds + seedlings WILL REQUIRE 75-85 DEGREE TEMPS. AT ALL TIMES.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius (MauiSeeds.com)
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