• Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)


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    This listing is for 100+ Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) SEEDS grown in our Haiku, Maui garden.   Patchouli is a very popular and easy to grow herb.  You can easily grow many Patchouli plants to share with Gardening Friends with these generous sized seed packets.  

    YOUR PATCHOULI SEEDS WILL TAKE 3+ WEEKS TO GERMINATE.  Please be patient when you grow anything from a seed.  

    You must keep this seed/seedlings 75-85 degrees at all times and water evenly.

    After germination, Patchouli is a very fast growing plant (it is a member of the Mint family).  

    Start your seeds in containers of good potting soil.  These are tiny seeds and can be pressed or lightly watered into the potting soil surface.  Keep evenly watered and warm at all times.    A water spray bottle on 'mist' mode is great for use with seedlings.  Keep evenly watered at all times, do not let dry out or get cold (below 75 degrees).

    PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT CHAFF/PLANT MATERIAL IS IN THE SEED PACKET AS WELL AS THE 100+ SEEDS.  PATCHOULI SEEDS ARE VERY TINY.  PLEASE PLANT THE SEEDS + CHAFF ALL TOGETHER AND KEEP WARM/75-85 DEGREES + EVENLY WATERED.  WAIT AT LEAST THREE (3) WEEKS TO SEE THE START OF TINY SEEDLINGS.  Start in a flat or container of good potting soil.  KEEP 75-8 and water eenly/daily. Once you have seedlings you can transplant them into individual containers. Perhaps sow some of the seeds and observe them germinate rather than dumping the whole packet into one container.  Treat like Mint, must be kept warm/75-85 degrees and bright but not direct sun is best for seedlings/this plant.

    Please see our separate Patchouli listings for our SEEDS, PLANTS, DRIED LEAF + SOAP.

     Patchouli leaves are known for their very distinct 'earthy' aromatic fragrance.  Some people love the earthy scent of Patchouli and some others do not.  This scent actually 'grew' on me after creating soaps with the essential oil.  I added Orange Essential Oil to the Patchouli and it is an amazing scent combination.  It is now one of my favorite soaps and use it daily. You also may enjoy the scent of Patchouli even more when it is paired and enhanced with another scent.  

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