• Panax (Cuttings)


    Grow your own Privacy Hedge. This listing is for PANAX CUTTINGS (each Panax STICK is about 12 to 24"+ long). Each UNrooted cutting/stick is about 1" around in diameter.
    We offer this easy to grow hedge plant in different amounts-
    FIVE, TEN, TWENTY-FIVE and ONE HUNDRED 12” to 24" cuttings/'sticks'.
    Please choose your amount at checkout.
    Panax cuttings are heavy, like wood, please note that PRIORITY 3 DAY USPS SHIPPING + Hawaii State Agricultural inspection HAS BEEN FACTORED INTO THE LISTING PRICE of these heavy wood cuttings.

    Panax is widely used in Hawaii as a hedge or green 'Living Fence'.
    It will take multiple cuttings to create a 'fence' like the one shown in the listing photos.
    We enjoy the Panax placed along several of our property borders creating a lovely hedge that provides a fair amount of privacy. Your Panax hedge will eventually grow long and leggy so you may want to trim it regularly. You can also stagger the cuttings making 2 rows and/or plant other bushy things at the base of your hedge.
    You can see in the photos one mature hedge that we grew, it is about 15-20' high and due for a trim. There is also a photo of a new hedge we are growing off of the parking area, it is lower and we will keep this one more about head high.

    PANAX IS VERY EASY TO GROW. YOU WILL HAVE A HEDGE QUICKLY. Once established, Panax creates a drought tolerant windbreak. You just place your Panax sticks/cuttings in the prepared ground and keep watered. They will begin to sprout leaves. About 80% of your cuttings living is pretty good, one or two will simply die.

    It is up to you how many Panax cuttings you will need to make your hedge. We suggest planting one stick about every 12 to 24” apart. A second staggered row would really make a thick 'living fence'. We routinely trim our Panax hedges in half to keep them from getting too tall.

    All plants/cuttings ship after Hawaii state Agricultural inspection on Sundays. We only ship USPS mail.
    Your Panax will arrive looking like a 'stick'-no leaves or roots. The TOP will be marked so that you do not plant upside down.

    You can grow your cuttings inside also. Panax sticks can be kept partially submerged in a bucket of water for a few days if you are not ready to plant them right away. Please let us know if you would like different sizes of cuttings. Again, this listing is for ONE 24" cutting.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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