• Mountain Apple (Syzygium malaccense) Live 6-12" Tree


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    This listing is for ONE (1) Mountain Apple (Syzygium malaccense) LIVE TREE about 6-12" high.   Also known as Malay Apple.   Please carefully plant your seedling tree on arrival in a container of good potting soil.  Keep evenly watered + warm (75-85 degrees at all times).  Allow your small tree seedling to recover from the shock of shipping.  Never place directly in full sun.  You must give your live plant a few weeks in a sheltered location to regain it's full strength.

    Admire the bright pink 'paint brush' type flower blossoms created by this tree.  They blossoms eventually form into delicate small pear shaped 'Mountain Apples'.   Each fruit usually has one seed inside.  All of the trees shown are grown from seed on our Haiku, Maui 2 acre Family Farm.  When in season, we also offer the seeds.  

    Grow your own Maui Mountain Apple tree from a seed. This tropical plant is also known as Ohi'a 'ai, and is considered a Hawaiian 'Canoe Plant'. Please google more about this fascinating term. There are 27 other useful 'Hawaiian Canoe Plants' that helped early voyaging Polynesians sustain life in their new environment. These 27 plants were their supermarket, hardware store and pharmacy.   

    All live plants ship out on Mondays standard USPS mail and will arrive with a Hawaii state Agricultural inspection stamp.

    Please note that we do not offer written growing instructions with or after you receive your live tree safely.  Please plan on reading up on/researching how to grow this plant in your specific area.

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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