• Miniature Jade Plant (Portulacaria afra) Cuttings


    This listing is for FIVE (5) lMiniature Jade Plant (Portulacaria afra) CUTTINGS. We offer these cuttings for you to grow and share with gardening friends. Each cutting is at least 6" long, similar to the ones shown in listing photo.
    Your Miniature Jade Plant will ship bare root/with no soil after Hawaii State Agricultural insection. *****Please note that it is normal for some leaves to drop off during shipment but you can easily place any leaves that may detach on top of a container of good draining (Succulent mix) potting soil. Each leaf can also be grown into a plant.****
    Try growing this adorable houseplant for yourself.
    Like most succulents, they store water in their leaves so water them sparingly. Over watering will cause their roots to rot. Check the soil to see if it is dry. Depending on your climate, watering your mini Jade Plant about once a week is fine. These plants grow very easily and make wonderful 'fuss free' houseplants. (Please also see our listing for the larger leaved regular Jade Plant. We also offer a third listing with one of each type, a mini + regular)
    Mini Jade, perfect to grow as a Bonsai specimen or in your Miniature Garden landscape.
    Please note, a leaf or two may drop off your mini jade in transport, do not it throw away-simply place the single leaves in container of good potting soil and watch them root and create new plants for you, even from one leaf!
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
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