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    Try a slice of hand made Maui Soap CAKE.  I adore creating new recipes weekly.  Choose your favorite scent or be adventurous and try them all...

    Delight someone that you may know with a slice of Soap CAKE today. 

     Each Cake slice is as fun to look at as it is to use.

    This listing is for ONE very long lasting Soap Cake SLICE.  These hand made soaps are created and packaged by me personally.  Each soap cake slice is hand cut and weighs from 4 to 5 oz.  (The smaller cake slices cost less than the larger cake slices)

    Please allow your soap to drip dry/drain between uses.  Keeping your soap slice dry between uses will ensure a very hard, long lasting bar of soap.  I offer simple cedar wood slotted trays if you would like to add one to your order-please see that listing variation if you would like to add.

      I also offer a listing variation for a 'Soap Cake Assortment' of 6 types of Soap Cake slices.  Please allow me to choose the exact Assortment of Soap Slices for you.  I will be sure to put together an assortment that pleases the eye and all goes together.  You can specify 6 of the same type if you prefer.  Six of these large soap cake slices will be about 1/2 of a circle. 

     Please ask me about custom ordering your own special whole/cut or uncut Soap Cake with your chosen scent/size/budget if you prefer. 

    I create one of a kind Soap Cupcakes as well if you would like to see that listing here:


    Try grouping several assorted slices of Soap as a charming party table centerpiece.  Your Guests can admire and choose a Soap to leave your event.  Soap is the perfect gift-useful and appreciated by all ages and genders.   

    Keep a few Soap Cake slices on hand year round to give as fun useful Birthday presents.

    Please see the individual soap listings for the exact ingredients in each one.  You will find luxurious ingredients in my recipes like Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Whole Coconut Milk, lots of Raw African Shea Butter. 

     Discover your new favorite scent, try a slice of  'Maui Cacao Love Spell' Cake slice  with its intoxicating fragrances combination with Honey, Oatmeal & Dark Irish Stout.    A slice of 'Hana Green' with its sensuous Sandalwood & Rum scent will delight anyone that you may know.  The Peach & Sea Salt makes an incredible soapy lather.  This Hawaiian Sea Salt bar will last a very long time once it is used a few times it will turn hard like a rock and last and last.  The Maui Banana Cake was a daily favorite of mine for a while, with its Banana and Spicy Sugar scent, edible looking and smelling!  The Maui Eucalyptus slice is refreshing after a late night out-try using as a morning 'pick me up'.

    I wrap each slice in see through plastic packaging ready for gift giving.

    Brighten someones day, send them a handmade on Maui little treat today...