• Maui Seeds Assortment

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    This collection is a great way to add to your tropical fruit plant collection.  10 (TEN) different types of Maui SEEDS are offered in this Maui Seeds Assortment.  Freshly collected seeds from Maui grown fruit will arrive wet packed, viable and ready for planting.   All of the seeds in this collection can be germinated indoors in a warm room (75-85 degrees).     Use the sealed baggies that they arrive in to germinate indoors or go ahead and plant in containers of good potting soil.  Always keep your developing seeds evenly watered (never let dry out) and warm, between 75-85 degrees, at all times.
    Some of these seeds will arrive already germinating (the Ice Cream Bean) and some will take a month or two to show any signs of germination (Jaboticaba + Lilikoi).
    PLEASE NOTE that all seeds grow/germinate at very different rates and patience is needed when growing plants from seeds. The TEN (10) types of Maui grown seeds offered in this current collection and the amounts of each type are listed below:

    1.Ice Cream Bean Tree (5 Seeds)
    2.Yellow Lilikoi (10+ Seeds)
    3.Purple Lilikoi (10+ Seeds)
    4.Jamaican Lilikoi (10+ Seeds)
    5.Calamansi Lime (5 Seeds)
    6.Soursop (5 Seeds)
    7.Jaboticaba (5 Seeds)
    8.Poha Berry (25+ Seeds)
    9.Starfruit (5 Seeds)
    10.Blackberry Jam Plant (5 Seeds)

    All ten types of seed packets listed above will arrive individually labeled.

    Please read our store policies before purchasing these seeds. You are agreeing to and it is fully understood that you understand what you are purchasing, seeds, that is it. WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS or EXTENSIVE COMMUNICATIONS WITH ME GUIDNG YOU ARE NOT OFFERED WITH OR AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR SEEDS SAFELY. Please plan on researching and enjoy learning how to grow each plant that you plan on growing in your particular area.
    I guarantee that these are fresh Maui sourced seeds, many grown personally by me, but I do not/will not and can not guarantee your ability/skill to grow them. Thank you in advance for understanding that once you receive your seeds safely and intact I am out of the loop with what happens to them. Please read my shop policies regarding returns +/or partial returns. 'Growing Tips' are offered with some of the listings. You must plan on keeping all of the seeds above between 75-85 degrees at all times. They cannot be refrigerated or left in a cold room, or allowed to dry out.
    All of the seeds in this collection are shipped wet packed in damp paper toweling inside sealed plastic baggies. Your freshly collected Maui grown seeds are RECALCITRANT.  Some of the seeds may germinate in their baggies on their way to you and others may take months to germinate.   Please understand that all seeds do not develop at the same rate.  Please have an idea of how long some of these seeds take to show growth/germination by reading their individual listing descriptions or researching/googling more about them.
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today.