• Maui Rose


    Try a bar of Tamara's latest batch of 'Maui Rose' soap.  Currently offered in a hand cut + stamped 3.75 oz. bar.  Custom stamps of 'Aloha' + Maui Seeds logo are created from Tamara's own handwriting + artwork.

    If you would like a 'Try Me' size soap, please find our separate listing for sample sized soaps here:


    This recipe is created with a large percentage of raw African Shea Butter.   Enjoy the  alluring yet subtle Rose Fragrance oil with a 'lemony' hint.  

    With all things handmade, please allow slight difference from batch to batch.

    The tops of these bars are decorated with Miniature Roses grown in our Haiku, Maui garden.  Each long lasting bar will create a rich creamy soap lather leaving your skin squeaky clean + soft.  All of our soaps are preservative free.  Each bar will last an extremely long time when allowed to drain/dry any water between uses.  A slotted soap dish is perfect for this purpose, please see the ones that we offer for ideas.  Always allow any water to drain away from your handmade bar of soap.  These hand made bars of soap will harden/dry between uses and last much longer than a normal commercial bar of soap does.  We offer simple soap trays for this purpose if you would like to add one to your order.

    Each soap will arrive packaged in eco-friendly (plastic free) white paper label. 

    Handmade in Haiku, Maui with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 

    Raw Shea Butter, Premium Rose Fragrance Oil, Dried Miniature rose Buds, Sodium lactate (a form of liquid salt helping to create a harder/longer lasting bar of soap), White Kaolin Clay, Pink Clay, Cosmetic Mica.  

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