• Maui Orange + Honey Soap

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     This listing is for one 6.5 oz.  square 'chunk'  of limited edition Maui Orange + Honey soap.  The delightful fragrance oil blend of Orange Peel + Honey compliments the pretty colors of this vegan recipe.  Raw Shea butter will pamper your skin as well as create a rich soapy lather.
    Delight someone that you know today with a handmade on Maui Soap. 
    To use, simply cut or slice a piece of off the main bar while keeping the bulk of this bar of soap dry or as decoration.
    The ingredients in this cold process vegan recipe soap are:
    Virgin Organic Coconut Oil,  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Food Grade Lye (no longer present after the Saponification process), Raw African Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil Blend, Sodium lactate (a form of liquid salt creating an even longer harder, lasting bar of soap), Titanium dioxide, Cosmetic Micas.
    Feel the difference that handmade natural soap will make to your skin.
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