• Maui Lilikoi SEED Pack (3 Types, Jamaican/Purple/Yellow)


    This listing is for an Assortment of 3 types of LILIKOI SEEDS. You will receive 10+ Seeds each of Yellow, Jamaican & Purple Lilikoi Seeds (30+ seeds total). I wet pack these seeds in damp paper toweling so that they remain viable on their way to you. Please read up on growing this easy to grow and fast fruiting vine. We have assorted Lilikoi vines growing all over our Haiku, Maui garden. Please allow some type of structure or a nearby tree or hedge for these long rambling vines to take off on. 
    I start a lot of seeds in a communal pot of container soil. I would suggest sowing all of your Lilikoi seeds (of each type, labeled with date and names) in communal containers. Keep your Lilikoi seeds evenly watered and WARM enough. Lilikoi is a vine and the seeds sprout at different times/not all at once. Your will have multiple little green seedlings and I would suggest transplanting with a spoon carefully into individual containers. Careful not to damage or touch the roots, use a spoon to scoop them. Lilikoi is a fast growing vine once it is about a 1-2' high, please provide support and a very sunny/warm location (not Desert though!). Please read up on growing Lilikoi in YOUR area.
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