• Maui Lemon Bar


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    Delight someone (or yourself) with a delicious looking + scented bar of our 'Maui Lemon Bar Soap'.  The enticing Lemon Bar Fragrance Oil scent will remind you exactly of a real 'Lemon Bar' dessert.  Assorted miniature Rose, Marigold + Hibiscus sabdariffa petals are strewn on the tops for a pop of natural colors.  Offered in a 3.75 oz. hand cut bar. 
    We also have one whole uncut 'Mini' Loaf of Maui Lemon Bar.  This uncut whole loaf weighs 20 +  ounces.  A whole loaf of soap makes a beautiful table centerpiece.  You can also keep this loaf for your own personal use and gifts through out the year. 
    Each small batch is created by Tamara with the cold process soap making method.  A large amount of skin pampering raw Shea Butter is added to this vegan + Palm oil free recipe.  The tops of these hand cut bars are sprinkled with dried Rose, Yellow Marigold, + Hibiscus sabdariffa petals.  Discover the incredible creamy soap lather produced from this long lasting handmade on Maui soaps.  
    All of the soaps offered are preservative free.  Each bar will last an extremely long time if allowed to drain any water/ dry between uses.  A slotted soap dish is perfect for this purpose.  Please always allow any water to drain away from your bar of soap between uses.  We offer simple wood soap trays perfect for this purpose.  
    Each soap will arrive packaged in eco-friendly (plastic free) white paper.  
    Handmade in Haiku, Maui with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hawaiian Distilled Water, Food Grade Lye (technically no longer present after the Saponification/Soap Making process), Lemon Bar Fragrance Oil, Marigold Petals + Hibiscus sabdariffa Petals, Cosmetic Mica. 
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