• 'Maui Garden' Seed Assortment

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    This 'Assortment' is for 10 types of our most popular seeds. Enjoy growing or giving this 'Maui Garden' Seed Assortment. You will receive the 10 (TEN) types and amounts of seeds listed below in each Assortment:
    1.*Ice Cream Bean Tree (5 Seeds) unknown variety
    2.*Calamansi Lime (5 Seeds)
    3*.Poha Berry (25 Seeds)
    4.*Grumichama Cherry (5 Seeds)
    5.*Strawberry Papaya (25 Seeds)
    6.Thai Basil (25 Seeds)
    7.Hibiscus sabdariffa (10 Seeds)
    8.Hawaiian Chile Pepper (25 Seeds)
    9.Patchouli (25 Seeds)
    10.*Noni (10 Seeds)
    All items will be shipped to one address in one package. Please note that all of these seeds marked with an '*' are 'wet packed'-shipped in sealed damp paper toweling so that they remain viable/never dry out. Some seeds may germinate on their way to you. 
    Assorted Surprise Samples + Free Shipping offered while these items are in stock.
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