• Maui Fragrant Flower Seed Collection


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    This 'Maui Fragrant Flower Seed Collection' is for 3 types of our most popular seeds.  Enjoy growing or giving this easy to grow Maui Seed Assortment.  Included in each collection are labeled packs of the types and amounts of the seeds listed below:

    -Night Blooming Jasmine (10+ Seeds)

    -Stephanotis (5 Seeds)

    -Ylang Ylang (3 Seeds)  * please note that Ylang Ylang Vine seeds take about THREE MONTHS to germinate and then will take off.

    Please plant your seeds in containers of good potting soil.  Always keep your seedlings evenly watered and warm, never allowing them to dry out.  No cold temps for these heat loving seeds.  75-85 degrees is ideal.  Always read up on growing each particular plant in your area.  Methods that work for us here in Maui with our year round growing season may not be the best methods in your area.  I like to have good root systems on my plants in containers before ever planting them outdoors.  

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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