• Maui Coffee Seeds


    This listing is for FIVE (5) Maui Coffee SEEDS-organically grown in Maui HAWAII. These seeds are from freshly collected wild Arabica coffee berries. I carefully wet pack the fresh seeds in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie so that the seeds remain viable. 
    I have bought coffee seeds online before from other Hawaii based seed companies but alas, they arrive like dried beans, and that is unfortunately called 'dead on arrival'. The exotic/tropical seeds that I offer are all carefully inspected, cleaned, packaged and shipped to you by one person-me. Your seeds will look like the white ones in the photo, still alive and ready to germinate. 
    Please add a heat pack if it is freezing/cold temperatures where you live. Find the link to the listing offered here if you need to add to your order:
    Add this tree to your plant collection. Many of the fruit seeds that I offer are perfect specimens for container growing/houseplants. I like to keep all of the trees on our two acre Family Farm small-we have dwarf trees where possible and I keep many plants (my personal collection!) in containers so that I can move them around if need be and keep a good eye on them for consistent watering. I hand water everything-letting a plant dry out or drown is a sure way to kill it. Pay attention, keep your prized plants in pots near where you WILL see them and be attentive. READ, everything that you can bout each plant and ask questions. Again, I grow everything outdoors in a different climate than yours. Enjoy this part of gardening, learning what your plants like and giving it to them. That is my pep talk.
    Enjoy discovering what each plant likes and needs, being a good gardener is trial and error and paying attention to your plants. Thank you in advance for researching each plant that you intend on growing. I do not offer written growing instructions. Different variables from Garden to Garden make your own personal plant research crucial. What methods may work great for me here in lush Haiku, Maui may not be the methods that an indoor Gardener may use on the mainland. Please read my shop policies before ordering. It is understood that you agree to theses policies when ordering any of these live products from me.
    Thank you also for taking a moment to also read my valued Customer reviews/feedback here on MauiSeeds.com. site and where I originally started my one woman business, Etsy.com/shop/MauiSeedCompany.  I look forward to having you as a Friend of Maui Seeds as well.  
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    *Surprise samples gleefully added to every order.
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today.