• Maui Cacao Love Spell


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    This listing is for ONE (1) hand cut bar of our limited edition 'Maui Cacao Love Spell' Soap.  Offered in a hand cut 3.75 oz. bar.  

    Created with an intoxicating combination of luscious ingredients.  Dark Irish Stout Guinness Beer and an exquisite fragrance oil blend sing together in this bar of soap.  This limited edition batch is topped with real Silver + Gold leaf given each bar an extra bit of sparkle.  This soap will dry/cure to a deep rich chocolate brown.  This fragrance oil blend is my all time favorite scent combination.  I have basically had to stop making this recipe in cake form because of the amount of people trying to eat it.

    Irish Stout Guinness Beer + Coffee + pair together to sing in this skin loving handmade on Maui soap.   Maui Cacao Love Spell is a favorite of our Upcountry Farmer's Market Customers. The incredible complex and highly pleasing scent from the Dark Irish Stout Beer and this Fragrance Oil blend will delight all of your senses.   Honey is added to this recipe, making it the only one that we currently offer that is not vegan.

    The perfect gift for anyone on your list, year round.  Our only non vegan soap, Honey is added to this recipe.  Honey is a naturally drwas moisture to the skin.  Oatmeal is added for the skin softening effect.

    Please help your handmade bar of soap last for a long time by allowing it to dry/drain between uses.  A draining or slotted soap dish is ideal to help your bar of soap last a long time.  (Please see our painted soap trays offered in a separate listing for this purpose).  

    The ingredients in this cold process soap are:

    Dark Irish Stout Guinness Beer,  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, a MauiSeeds.com Custom Fragrance Oil Blend, Sodium Lactate, Ground Oatmeal, Honey, White Kaolin Clay, Activated Black Bamboo Charcoal.  Real Gold + Silver Leaf is added on the tops for a bit of Holiday sparkle.  

    As with all things handmade, please allow for slight variations from batch to batch.

    Make bath time fun again.  Soap is an every day luxury that everyone can appreciate.

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