• Maui Body Butter


    Treat yourself to a jar of our luscious Maui Body Butter. This handmade on Maui body butter is fragrance + color free.  Eco friendly packaged in a reusable glass mason jar .  The perfect nourishing daily moisturizer for every member of your family (except those that may have a nut allergy to Shea Butter). This listing is for ONE (1) 4 ounce sized jar of Maui Body Butter (fragrance + color free).  Scented butters are also offered.    THIS BUTTER IS MADE TO ORDER IN VERY SMALL BATCHES-PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR THIS PRODUCT TO BE HANDMADE AND SHIPPED TO YOU.
    Whipped raw African Shea Butter is the main ingredient in this skin loving vegan recipe. Pamper your entire body, including face daily. 

    I personally like to apply this rich butter twice a day, in the a.m. + p.m.  Take a small dab of butter and warm between your palms.  You can apply an even amount to your face after warming in your hands.  Apply a thicker layer in the evening than the morning.  I am so happy to have found a cream that I can use on my face without any chemicals or being prohibitive price wise.  I wish that I had been making this butter years ago, after so many years in the sun and using other products.  Shea Butter is also thought to have a SPF of 6 and I personally felt that my skin burned less in the sun using this butter.

    Shea Butter is lovely and penetrating to all the layers of your skin.  Feel how your skin drinks this body butter in and is softer, without any left over greasy feeling that commercial moisturizers leave.  

    When you only use the best ingredients, you get the best results. This recipe is fragrance + color free but there is a delicious scent of  virgin organic coconut oil.  Custom scents are offered, please contact Tamara if you have questions or would like to order a scented butter of one of our in stock fragrances. 

    50% Raw African Shea Butter, and the rest Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, & Sweet Almond Oil. That is it. Just those three ingredients.  Perfect for everyone.
    This handmade artisanal cosmetic is heat sensitive. Please keep your jar of handmade body butter in the refrigerator if it is very warm where you live. It is best to keep this product out of direct sunlight. This body butter is dense and creamy, a small portion will melt on contact with your skin and is easily rubbed in. 

    Offered in clear glass 4 oz. sized mason jars with metal lids.  Please use caution with the glass jar in any bathroom/wet settings.

    Perhaps pair this amazing product with a soap or two to create a useful + very thoughtful gift.  Each jar is labeled and wrapped in white parchment paper tied with a bow, ready for gift giving. 

    Send a little bit of Maui today...