• Maui 4 Patch Quilt Soap


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    Try a bar of limited edition 'Maui 4 Patch Quilt' soap. I enjoy creating quilts and soap, this is a combination of both. Each hand cut bar weighs about 4 oz. A simple '4 patch' quilt design inspired this recipe. Four types of complimentary soap batter and fragrances sing together in one bar of soap. This is one of those complex fragrances that I would say is perfect for male or female senses. 
    Created with one part having organic Almonds and a Dark Stout fragrance oil, another part is strewn with colorful soap embeds and an Orange Peel fragrance oil, the 3rd part with Yogurt and an Oatmeal Honey Fragrance oil, and the 4rth part is a plain soap batter with no scent added as well as a  bit of Orange Mica. The resulting bar of soap looks as pleasing as it is scented. I really like this batch of soap and keep a bar by every sink in the house. You could cut this bar into 4 pieces and have 4 different types of soap. 
    The ingredients in this one of kind, made on Maui small batch cold process soap recipe are:
    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw African Shea Butter, Food Grade Lye (no longer present after the Saponification process), Assorted Fragrance Oils, Organic Almonds, Yogurt, Sodium Lactate (a form of liquid salt that creates an even longer lasting bar of natural soap),  Cosmetic Mica.
    Maui Seeds soap are made with pure high grade oil with a large percentage of Shea Butter.  Please help your handmade soaps last a very long time by allowing the bar to dry/drain water between uses. A slotted soap dish is best for this purpose. 
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