• Mamey Sapote (Pouteria sapota) 6" TREE


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    This listing is for 1 (ONE) Mamey Sapote (Pouteria sapota) TREE, about 6" high grown from seed collected from certified organic Maui fruit.  

    Mamey is the largest of the Sapote fruits with an intense deep orangey-peachy color with a unique flavor. This is a very luscious looking and tasting fruit.

    We suggest that you let your live seedling tree recover from shipping in a shaded area.  Once your plant has had a few weeks to recover from shipping you can gradually introduce it to more light.   Keep this tropical fruit tree 75-85 degrees at all times.   Cold temps. or direct intense sunlight are to be avoided.

    Please read up on growing this rare tropical fruit tree in your specific area.  Written growing directions are not provided with or after you have received your live plant safely.  Please contact us with a photo on arrival if you feel that your tree did not make it.  As we have no control over the growing conditions once received safely, please note that once kept by the Buyer, Returns/Refunds for live plants are not offered.  
    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com.  Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...