• Makawao Green Sapote (Pouteria viridis) Seed


    This listing is for 1 (ONE) fresh Makawao Green Sapote (Pouteria viridis) SEED, organically grown in Maui, Hawaii. Standard USPS shipping and surprise samples included. I carefully wet pack each large Sapote seed in damp paper toweling in a sealed plastic baggie. Your seed will arrive viable and partially germinated, please be ready to receive and plant on arrival. 
    I am offering this rare tropical fruit seed while I have fresh fruit in stock. This fruit is organically grown in the actual Upcountry area of Makawao, Maui.
    The flavor of Makawao Green Sapote is hard to describe. It is very smooth and creamy textured with a sweet almost peachy 'papaya' like taste. In the listing photos you can also see the gorgeous green fade to orange skin coloring. The pulp itself is a deep rich pumpkin orange. This exotic fruit also have a unique 'fat tomato' look about it with one pointy tipped end. Makawao Green Sapote is as luscious looking as it is delicious tasting. 
    Try growing this rare, exotic tropical fruit tree from a seed for yourself.
    * surprise samples added to every order.
    Grow a little bit of Maui in your Garden today...