• Lemongrass/Live 12" Plant


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    Grow your own Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) plant. Lemongrass grows easily in the ground or in a container, perhaps try both. Your live starter plant will arrive with a healthy root ball + is about 12" high.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IT WILL TAKE YOUR STARTER PLANT A FEW MONTHS OF GROWTH BEFORE IT LOOKS SIMILAR TO THE LARGER CLUMP OF LEMONGRASS SHOWN IN LISTING PHOTOS. 

    Try making a refreshing Lemongrass Tea with the leaves.  Place the Lemongrass leaves in boiling water, drink the tea hot or cold, add sweetener if desired. The lower part of the Lemongrass stalk is sliced somewhat like scallion and used in some cooked dishes adding lots of flavor.

    Live plants ship bare root/no soil. Please only order this live herb plant if it is warm where you are. It is best to keep this plant, and most of the grown on Maui plants that I offer, always warm-75-85 degrees is best.
    *PLEASE NOTE, I WILL TRIM YOUR PLANT SO THAT IT WILL FIT IN THE MAILING BOX. This will also help stimulate new growth for you. For the first couple of weeks please keep your Lemongrass shaded until it recovers from the shock of shipping. Slowly introduce it to the outdoors, always keeping warm or indoors until it is warm in your area. Simply place your Lemongrass plant when it arrives in a container of good potting soil, cover with soil. Keep evenly watered. Please read up on how to grow this herb plant in your area.

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