• Langsat (Lansium domesticum) Dried Peel


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    This listing is for DRIED Langsat (Lansium domesticum) PEELS.  Also called Lanzones.  This fruit is rarely seen in the U.S.   Each small labeled bag contains about one handful of dried Langsat peels, about  .15 ounce of dried LANGSAT PEELS.  Enjoy these dried fruit peels as a natural INCENSE.

    I read online that dried Langsat peels are used as incense.  I DRIED THE PEELS OF THIS FRESH ORGANIC MAUI FRUIT.   What a lovely smokey alluring scent these dried LANGSAT peels create when burned.  I simply lit a few of the dried peels in a safe ashtray.  They are extremely slow burning and I am a new fan of this natural scent.  Please use caution when igniting your Langsat Peels.  Always use a fire proof tray or bowl and do not leave your smoldering peels unattended.   Discover the amazing natural scent of these dried Langsat fruit peels.

    (A limited amount of the Langsat seeds are also available, please see that separate listing) 
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