• Langsat (Lansium domesticum)


    This listing is for ONE (1) Langsat (Lansium domesticum) SEED.  We wet pack the seed straight from the certified organic Maui grown fruit.  Your seed can be germinated indoors in the baggie that it arrives in.  Please refer to the listing photos to see what a germinating Langsat seed will look like.  The seeds will appear to break or 'split' into two pieces as a root develops.  Please note that this is normal for germination process of this seed and not a cause for alarm.  Please observe your seed develop indoors in with the damp paper towel in a plastic baggie germination method.

    Langsat is considered a very rare fruit and it is not normally seen in the U.S.   Langsat is also called 'Lanzones'.  It will take many years before your Langsat grown from a seed will begin to bear fruit.  Have the fun of adding this rare fruit to your Garden/Plant Collection. 

    Please read up on how to care for this very rare fruit in your growing area.  Written growing instructions are not included with (or after) you receive your live seed safely.  

    We like to start many of our recalcitrant seeds indoors with the damp paper towel/plastic baggie method.  You may want to try this germination method.   Keep the seed(s) indoors, no sunlight is needed, place in a somewhat dark room that is 75 to 85 degrees at all times.  Date and label your seed, check on your it daily.  Once it has germinated go ahead and plant it in a container of good potting soil.

     As you can understand, we are not able to guarantee the outcome of your personal gardening project.   Once your live seed has been safely received, inspected + kept by you, our part is done. 

    Please also realize that this is a live product and temperature sensitive.  Your seed must be kept damp and warm at all times, between 75-85 degrees.  We noticed that our seedling Langsat trees do not like direct sunlight on their leaves and keep them in the shade.

     Please do not order if it is excessively hot or cold where you currently are.   We are permitted to ship the cleaned seeds (only) out of the state of Hawaii.  

    All photos copyright Tamara Bockius/MauiSeeds.com

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