• Kumquat Cheesecake Soap


    Try a bar of Kumquat Cheesecake Soap, handmade in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii with skin loving ingredients.  Delightful Kumquat fragrance oil and raw African Shea Butter create a rich soapy lather will have you reaching for this bar every chance that you get.  
    The skin loving ingredients in this VEGAN cold process soap recipe are listed below. See for yourself what an amazing luxurious lather all of my handmade soaps produce. Prepare to be amazed! I personal test every product and so does my Family.  Try several types and see what the different ingredients do for your skin.  Healing Clays, Maui Honey, Coconut Milk, Assorted Botanicals from our Garden, enjoy them all and discover your favorites.   Every Family member will have different skin needs/preferences.  Keep several bars on hand as thoughtful gifts, Guests, or for your own households use.   
    Soap, an every day luxury that any gender, young or old, can appreciate and use.
    Each Kumquat Cheesecake bar is imprinted with 'ALOHA' on one side and 'Maui Seeds' on the other.  These soap stamps are custom made from my own hand writing further making each bar of soap a unique made on Maui souvenir.  Created with only the finest ingredients in small batches:
    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hawaiian Distilled Water, Food Grade Lye, Raw African Shea Butter, Sodium Lactate, Kumquat Fragrance oil & Cosmetic Mica.
    *Surprise samples included with every order.
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